JSE Online Futures Trading

At DWT Securities we are in the business of giving you low cost, low latency, direct market access to the whole of the South African derivatives market – Financial as well as Agricultural. We pride ourselves on providing this to you with unparalleled levels of service and professionalism.

One point per contract

We focus on giving our clients high quality, low cost market access, which is why we strive to keep our fees transparent and as low as possible. Your brokerage cost with us is only one point on all Safex contracts in the Financial and Agricultural markets. On Single Stock futures, the minimum fee per deal is only R50.00 plus VAT. This is such good value for money that we suspect that you will have difficulty finding another broker willing to match it rand for rand.

High Quality Trading Platform

Our trading platform for the South African markets, Swordfish, which we supply at no monthly cost to you, is a completely up-to-date, modern piece of software running on the .Net framework. It will provide you with a complete picture of market depth as well as give you access to all other information on the different products offered by the JSE – including all the shares traded on the JSE. Information made available to the professionals, is made available to you.

With the Swordfish trading system you will have true Direct Market Access (DMA), meaning that you are able to execute trades directly into the market. Swordfish enables you to trade the Equity Derivatives market (i.e. Alsi Index and Single Stock futures) and the Agricultural derivatives market (i.e. Wmaz or Wheat) all within the same program. DWT’s unparalleled positioning in South Africa gives you access to all these markets simultaneously. Our superior product also allows you to have all the different market depths of the various products open at once on your screen. You can also move some of them to a second screen or arrange the different parts exactly as you prefer, as well as make any desired changes to the fonts.

Swordfish also gives you live graphs on all instruments, with the most popular indicators included. You get intraday history for the last 8 weeks as well as daily graphs with historical data going back a few years. Open as many graphs as you need in different timeframes on the same instrument. We have found that the graphs and data supplied within Swordfish are sufficient for most of our clients’ trading needs.

You can also take advantage of the automated trading functions by placing triggered orders that will enter your trade when a certain price level is reached, and you can execute a stop.

Multiple Accounts:

The benefits of Swordfish are enormous. You can open multiple accounts and trade them all from the same platform, which is particularly handy if you want to trade multiple strategies or trade an account on behalf of a friend or family member.

If you have open positions, you can keep track of your profit or loss live via Swordfish, as the market moves. This works brilliantly if you have multiple positions open in different products.

The Swordfish software is written to use bandwidth as efficiently as possible. A very small fraction of your monthly ADSL cap is needed to have it live for nine hours a day.

No risk test

Request a username and password and download the trading software. Fill in your details to the right and test it risk-free at no cost to yourself, before you open an account. Feel free to use a dummy name and the email account you use for spam (something we will never send you.)

Transaction history

A complete history of all your trades since day one is made available on the Web. Use your Swordfish username and password for access. Download it in Excel Worksheet format and perform all the statistical work you want on your trading history.

Daily market-to-market reports are mailed to you early every morning, with a monthly statement summarising your trading outcomes for the month.

High Speed Internet Connection

We’re committed to making your connection to our trading servers as stable and fast as possible. Our servers are physically located in the same building as Safex and the JSE, and are connected to Safex and JSE computers via high-speed optical fibre cables, thus insuring that you always have very low latency in your trade execution. Our office may be in Cape Town, but you get to connect directly to Safex and the JSE through the internet from wherever you are. Download the trading software and request a username and password today. Put our internet connection stability and speed to the test.

Dealing Room

When those inevitable Internet glitches happen, you can have complete peace of mind. We are a phone call away to execute your trading orders for you.

Opening an account

To open an account, simply complete the online form here. Once you have submitted the form you will receive an email asking you for the required FICA documents. Please scan the documents and email them to support@dwt.co.za.

Once we have the documents we will open your account (this takes approximately 24 hours) and contact you with your account number and password.

Dealing by telephone

We regret that we do not offer dealing by telephone. Our trading product is purely internet-based. But be assured that in an emergency we are always here to help.