Online Trading Software

No monthly subscription fee.

Financial Index Futures

One point per contract plus VAT. For the Alsi Future this will be R11.50 per Future contract traded, plus JSE and Clearing fees. For the Almi future it is R1.95 (VAT included) plus JSE and Clearing fees.

For clients regularly trading more than 1000 contracts per month:
R9.20 per Alsi contract traded and R1.56 per Almi contract, VAT inclusive, plus JSE and Clearing fees.

The JSE fees are based on a percentage of the closing price of the Index Future.

Agricultural Futures

50 cents per ton (VAT excluded) per Futures contract, JSE and Clearing fees included.

40 cents per ton (VAT excluded) per Option Contract. JSE and Clearing fees included.

Single Stock Futures

Trading Single Stock Futures onscreen on Swordfish:

0.2% of the underlying value or minimum R50, 00 + VAT per trade plus JSE and Clearing fees. Only the aggressor (taker of the price) will be charged JSE and Clearing fees

When trading the underlying JSE Share (and getting the Single Stock Future allocated to your account):

The Single Stock Future price gets based on the Share price traded.

An additional market maker’s fee of 0.1% is included in the price of the Future.

JSE and Clearing fees will always apply.

For clients wishing to receive the live data feed for the JSE Shares a monthly data fee of R171 (including VAT) will apply. You can get this data directly from Estuary Solutions. Please contact Estuary at for more information.


  SSF price Traded Contract Nominal Quantity Traded Basis Points 0.2% Trading Fee
Normal R 86 100 12 0.002 R 206.40
Minimum Fee R 35 100 5 0.002 R 57.00