Single Stock Futures

We offer online trading in Single Stock Futures, using Swordfish.

There are two ways to do this. The first is to trade the future directly, onscreen on Swordfish. At present, this is not always possible due to lack of liquidity in the futures themselves.

The second way to trade Single Stock Futures is by trading the physical underlying shares themselves. We then allocate the Single Stock Futures to your account, based on the price at which the shares traded. This can unfortunately not be done live in Swordfish, but if you wish to trade on the underlying you are more than welcome to phone us to place the trade for you.

We offer all the SSF’s traded on the JSE, live on screen, with market depth. There are also the same graphs, indicators and historical data available for all the JSE SSF’s, as there are for all the Index futures and Agricultural Commodities futures.

If you prefer to trade CFD’s, Please see our CFD trading product.

Costs of trading Single Stock Futures with DWT Securities:

Trading Single Stock Futures on-screen on Swordfish:

0.2% of the underlying value or minimum R50, 00 + VAT per trade plus Safex and Clearing fees. Only the aggressor (taker of the price) will be charged Safex and Clearing fees.

When trading the underlying JSE Share (and getting the Single Stock Future allocated to your account):

The Single Stock Future price gets based on the Share price traded.

An additional market maker’s fee of 0.1% is included in the price of the future.

Safex and Clearing fees will always apply.

For clients wishing to receive the live data feed for the JSE Shares a monthly data fee of R171 (including VAT) will apply. You can get this data directly from Estuary Solutions. Please contact Estuary at for more information.